‘She left a void’: Tributes to Queen placed outside Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has become the centre of the United Kingdom’s grief and mourning, with thousands gathering to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II after she died on Thursday.

People came to the palace from around the UK and the world, placing flowers outside the gates.

Hailing from as far as Australia, Chile, and Brazil, several mourners told Euronews that the Queen had been an omnipresent figure in their lives and that her death will leave a void.

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch was Queen for seven decades and was viewed as a beacon of stability.

As per tradition, a notice was placed outside the palace announcing that the Queen had died.

Many people gathered there told Euronews that they wanted to go to the palace to see the notice for themselves since they had a hard time believing it.

Despite the number of people gathered, many were silent as they paid their respects to the Queen.

Next to the flowers were a number of thank you notes for her majesty.

One note addressed the “beautiful Queen”, and thanked her for her loyalty while another thanked her for “a lifetime of service. A lifetime of embodying what it means to be British”.

Many who gathered outside of the palace also spoke about the shock and devastation over the news of her passing, saying that despite her age, despite her declining health, they were not ready.

The United Kingdom will now enter a period of national mourning until her state funeral.

Watch Anelise Borges report from Buckingham Palace in the video player above.

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