Ukraine destroys one of Russia’s ‘most advanced tanks’, UK says

According to the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) latest update, one T-90M tank has been destroyed.

The tank is the most advanced within Russia’s army and there are approximately 100 in use.

The MoD added: “The conflict in Ukraine is taking a heavy toll on some of Russia’s most capable units and most advanced capabilities.

“It will take considerable time and expense for Russia to reconstitute its armed forces following this conflict.

“It will be particularly challenging to replace modernised and advanced equipment due to sanctions restricting Russia’s access to critical microelectronic components.”

This comes amid efforts to rescue civilians from the under siege Azovstal steel works.

The mill has been the refuge for the remaining civilians left in Mariupol, the southern Ukrainian city which has seen some of the worst shelling since the war began.

Ukrainian soldiers have also staged a last stand in the steel mill which has a network of underground tunnels.

Throughout the last week, some civilians have been rescued from the steel mill.

Despite some successful rescue attempts, bloody fighting has been ongoing as Russian troops have reportedly breached the perimeter of the complex.

It is thought some 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers remain in the complex, with a further 100 civilians.

Denys Prokopenko, the commander of the Azov battalion, a nationalist unit, said: “I am proud of my soldiers who are making tremendous efforts to repel the enemy’s attack.

“The situation is extremely difficult but we continue to carry out the order to defend.”

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