TikTok of Japanese tourist in Wisconsin goes viral


ave you ever been on vacation, and had such a good time, that you just never wanted to leave?

Well, if you have, then you’re much like this Japanese tourist, who is completely in love with Wisconsin.

In a heartwarming video, @georgejapan02 appears to be having the absolute time of his life in Wisconsin, the United States.

Taking to Twitter, user Microplastics Enjoyer shared the video, alongside the caption: “This guy from Japan visiting Wisconsin and loving everything about it is everything I want in a Tik Tok.”

In the video, the tourist can be heard saying:

“Wisconsin is sooo underrated. I’m from Japan, but I like Wisconsin and I’ll tell you why.

“Beautiful nature, peaceful and calm neighbourhood.

“The most popular fast-food chain in Wisconsin, Culver’s.

“You should get a batter burger, it’s better than McDonald’s

“And also Wisconsin fried cheese nuggets. I’m loving it, it’s located in Wisconsin, Chicago

“You can get Apple Cider, it’s so refreshing, it’s the perfect drink for summer. And don’t forget to get a doughnut there, it’s so good, it’s literally worth visiting here just to get this doughnut.

“Walmoth county fair, which is one of Wisconsin’s oldest and largest county fairs, you can see the monster truck Derbys, beautiful lakes.

“This is why I like Wisconsin in summer!”

After the video was shared on Twitter, many other users responded that they also loved the video.

Microplastics Enjoyer wrote: “The thing is he’s right. All these things rule.”

Another added: “I WANNA GO”.

A third said: “Yup, pretty much nailed it”.

Well, we know where we’ll be taking our summer holidays next year!

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