Last surviving tribe member dies in Brazil after 26 years alone


he last survivor of a Brazilian tribe, who has been called the loneliest man in the world, has died after 26 years of solitude.

Known as Man of the Hole, he is a member of an uncontacted indigenous group and has only been spotted on long-range camera trapping animals.

The man’s body was discovered on Tuesday and he is thought to have died from natural causes at an age of around 60.

He lived in the Tanaru indigenous area in Brazil’s central west, where most of his tribe are thought to have died in the seventies when they fell victim to ranchers expanding their territory. And in 1995, the six other remaining members were killed in an attack by illegal miners – making him the only survivor.

Brazil’s Indigenous Affairs Agency has since been taking measures to assist his survival and it is thought he placed macaw feathers over his body knowing death awaited him.

The agency has spotted numerous straw huts erected by the Man of the Hole and he was last spotted in 2018 hacking down branches with an axe.

Brazil’s government has ring fenced territory for the indigneous since 1998 and there are thought to be around 240 tribes – mostly across the Amazon rainforest.

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