International Dog Day 2022: ES staff best, cutest, funniest pictures of furry friends


elebrated annually on August 26, International Dog Day is a chance for dog parents everywhere to celebrate their beloved companions.

It’s an opportunity to spoil them rotten and show them off to anyone who will listen—like we do the other 364 days of the year.

Here at the Evening Standard, we love our dogs—so we’ve rounded up our collective cutest canines.

From 16 months old to 16 years old, get ready to meet our furry friends this International Dog Day…


Henry the cavapoo

/ Mark Wilkinson

Name: Henry

Age: 16 months

Likes: Sausages, cucumber, Piggy toy, other people’s picnics, and Otis the dog next door.

Dislikes: Squirrels, baths, people enjoying their gardens, and being sat on by Frank the pug.


Bean is a five-year-old dachshund

/ Rachelle Abbott

Name: Bean

Age: Five

Likes: All the love, music, treats (chicken), the seaside (but the sand gets up her nose), and her best friends Blue (Dalmatian), Basil & Loki (King Charles Spaniels), and Teddy (her ‘boyfriend’, aka the wire-haired sausage dog who lives next door.)

Dislikes: Being alone, rainy weather, and the doorbell.


Nancy the West Highland Terrier

/ Ruby Lyle

Name: Nancy

Age: Five

Likes: Being an agent of chaos and stealing unguarded cups of tea.

Dislikes: Foxes, and digestive biscuits (too plain, apparently).


Milo the lhasa apso

/ Simon Kurs

Name: Milo

Age: 8

Likes: Cheese, pork scratchings, and afternoon naps.

Dislikes: Bath time, loud motorbikes, and uninvited squirrels in his garden.


Chester is a German shepherd

/ Marc Mayo

Name: Chester

Age: Nine

Likes: Tennis balls, beaches, and stealing cat food

Dislikes: The vets, the groomers, and being told what to do.

Wagatha Grizzly

Wagatha is a labradoodle

/ David Marsland

Name: Wagatha Grizzly

Age: One

Likes: Cucumbers, Nirvana’s Unplugged album, eating guests’s shoes, and catching tennis balls.

Dislikes: Getting wet, walking through mud, and camping in a tent.


Hywel likes running (respectfully) around the allotment

/ Izzie Jones

Name: Hywel

Age: One

Likes: Cheese, crackers, and running respectfully around the allotment.

Dislikes: Foxes and squirrels (mortal enemies).


Churro is a two-year-old chihuahua/terrier mix

/ Rhian Morgan

Name: Churro

Age: Two

Likes: Treats, sleeping, long walks, people, eggs, and disgracing herself.

Dislikes: Cats, cats again, squirrels, dogs on the TV, and pet food.


Bella is a 16-year-old terrier cross

/ Seren Morris

Name: Bella

Age: 16

Likes: Tuna, socks, squeaky toys (ripping them apart), and paddling in the river.

Dislikes: Loud noises, cats in the garden, and not being the centre of attention.

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