Death of Queen Elizabeth II: Accession Council to formally proclaim Charles as King


What to expect today

Good morning. Today is Saturday, September 10 and here is what to expect on the second day following the Queen’s death, as the nation prepares to officially welcome a new King.

At 10am, Charles III will formally be proclaimed the new King at St James’s Palace in London.

At 11am, The Principal Proclamation will be read from the balcony overlooking Friary Court at St James’s Palace. It will be read by the Garter King of Arms, and will mark the first time this has happened in public.

Flags will also be flown at full-mast from 11am for about 24 hours, before returning to half-mast in mourning for the Queen.

Gun salutes will also take place at Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

At midday, a second proclamation will be read at the Royal Exchange in London. Further proclamations will be read in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales at 12pm tomorrow.

In the mid-afternoon, the King will hold audiences with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

In plan’s for the aftermath of Her Majesty’s death – an operation codenamed London Bridge – today marks ‘D-Day + 1’. This follows an announcement late on Thursday, that plans have been shifted back by a day to allow the complex arrangements to be put in place.

Members of the royal family and households will remain in mourning until seven days after the Queen’s funeral – the date of which is yet to be confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

The Government is due to confirm the length of national mourning, which is epected to be around 12 days, up to the day after the Queen’s funeral.

They are also expected to announce that the funeral day will be a public holiday, in the form of a Day of National Mourning.

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