Cabinet minister and senior No 10 aide facing sexual misconduct allegations

Two women have said they were assaulted and groped, Sky News reports.

The first woman told the broadcaster: “I was sexually assaulted by someone who is now a Cabinet minister. I was in my early 20s and didn’t really know how to deal with it.

“I was super drunk, he is feeding me more wine and I am already quite obviously tanked, but after a while I was like ‘You know what? Would you mind if I just went to bed?’ So I went to bed, but obviously he didn’t leave me alone.”

The second woman said she was working at a Conservative event when she was groped, adding: “I turned around and this guy was just looking right at me.”

She complained and raised it again when the man was due to get a senior job in No 10, but “nothing happened”.

A government spokesperson responded to the allegations about a Cabinet minister assaulting a woman, as reported by Sky News.

The spokesperson said: “We take allegations of misconduct extremely seriously and there are robust procedures in place to raise concerns. All ministerial appointments also follow established processes.”

On allegations that a No 10 aide groped a different woman, the spokesperson said: “All prospective Government employees are subject to necessary checks and vetting. We do not comment on individuals.”

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