Asda limits sales of ‘Just Essentials’ range due to soaring demand


sda has temporarily limited the sale of products from its ‘Just Essential’ budget range following huge demand.

The range launched in May, with the supermarket chain promising an expanded line of low-cost products to help shoppers with the cost of living.

But with demand soaring for the products and not enough supply, a temporary limit on purchases has been imposed.

In statement to the BBC, Asda said: “Just Essentials is proving very popular with customers and we are working hard to improve availability across the range.

“To ensure as many customers as possible can buy these products, we are temporarily limiting purchases to a maximum of three of each product for a short period of time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The range is made up of low-cost items across hundreds of lines – such as tinned essentials, chilled meat, bread and cereals.

The limit has been criticised by shoppers on social media, who say many are struggling to afford groceries with soaring households bills.

Four out of 10 families with school-age children have already cut back on food and other essentials because of the cost of living crisis, an official report said last week.

The survey, by the Office for National Statistics, also warned that around a third of parents say they will be unable to cover an unexpected expense and that the use of credit is increasing.

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