Tullie House curator to offer expert insight into natural science exhibition

A special talk will take place to give more information about a museum’s exhibition.

The Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle is proud of its natural science collection, which is curated by Wednesday Batchelor.

The event, which is called Of Wolves and Wales, is a chance for visitors to meet the curator, ask questions and to be uided through some of the exhibits.

Wednesday said she doesn’t have a specific way of hosting these events, as it depends on who comes, as well as the demographics, she said: “It could be a group of children, or it could be a group of adults.”

She said these events, which usually happen once a month, make sure that these exhibits stay relevant: “I talk about how the collections have supported our natural wilflife, and so it doesn’t just sit on a shelf and get dusty.”

The natural science exhibition shows just how biodiverse Cumbria is.

A spokesperson from Cumbria County Council has spoken about the county’s biodiversity, and how rich it it: “Cumbria is particularly rich in both habitats and species, and many sites are afforded some kind of statutory protection.

“The county is home to many rare and endangered species such as the red squirrel, the natterjack toad, the netted carpet moth and water vole as well as habitats of special interest such as peat bogs, hay meadows and limestone pavements.”

Wednesday said: “We are one of the msot biodiverse conties in the country.

“In terms of habitats, we’ve got everything, from mountains, to the coastal areas, and we have rainforests as well.”

It’s a positive experience for Wednesday too, as she explained: “I love the opportunity to talk about the collection with the public, and answer the quitions that they have.

“On ocasion I will bring out one of our whale exhibit’s ribs to show the visitors, it always amazes people, especially the children, how big it is.”

For those that may miss this event on Tuesday, March 15, at 1:00 pm, Wednesday has given her personal favourite part of the exhibiton so you know what to look for when you do visit.

She said: “I particularly love things about carnivore evolution, like the wolf and the lynx, and the species that used to be here.”






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