Tuchel admits Chelsea are ‘never safe’ in race for Champions League

A 1-0 defeat to Everton continued their shaky end of season form and threatens to drag them back towards to Tottenham and Arsenal in the fight for Champions League places.

Tuchel criticised his defence for another costly error that gifted Richarlison the winning goal just after half time.

But it was a day when his attack let him down once again – even if it required the brilliance of Jordan Pickford to get Everton over the line.

Tuchel said: “I said this many weeks ago that I didn’t feel safe and we are never safe. By the way, if we are in a race for top one, top two or top four, no matter what the race, the last four games to only have four points will never be enough, no matter which race we are in.

“We have to take care about ourselves. At the moment we don’t get the points when we play well and deserve more and we lose when we play okay. This is a bad mixture.”

Cesar Azpilicueta was caught in possession by Richarlison, who fired the winner at the start of the second half.

Tuchel has seen his side dominate possession against Manchester United and Everton in the space of three days, yet his team have only managed one goal and one point from those games.

He insists the issue is in defence, not attack.

“We knew what was coming and like in the last matches we struggled to have clean sheets,” he said. “In the last four we had one, against West Ham, it is the only win we have and I’m very disappointed.

“What can I do? The ball is free, give a goal away, it is the worst thing that can happen to you in this atmosphere. It happens too often. We struggle to play without big mistakes and it is why we struggle to have results.”

On his attack he added: “If there is something I can do I will try it, but if I knew about it I would have done it before.

“For me the key is to have a clean sheet. Manchester United was a different game. More open, fluid. We finally scored late and conceded straight away.

“For me this is more like the game against West Ham and we had a clean sheet and played without any big mistakes and that gives us the chance to score late.

“If you install emotion and belief in a stadium like this, you struggle.”

Everton fans tried to put Chelsea off by setting off fireworks outside the Liverpool Hilton hotel where they stayed on Saturday night.

Tuchel said they did not affect him.

“I personally woke up twice at 1am and 3am for one minute and after the noise. I turned around and kept on sleeping.”

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