Twitter reacts to the long-awaited Edit Tweet feature


o matter which side they fall on, many Twitter users hold opinions about whether or not Edit Tweet should exist.

Now that it’s been announced, people have been quick to voice their opinions about the new feature, both positive and negative.

Considering users have been requesting an Edit Tweet function for roughly 15 years now, some people were just thankful that it’s finally on its way.

Some users prefer to stick with the good old-fashioned ‘delete’ button.

Others are looking forward to the blunders and missteps that will be exposed in the public edit history, available to view on any edited Tweets with one click.

Although Twitter has put some key limitations on how Edit Tweet can be used, it will be keeping a close eye on how users engage with it during its test phase. Nonetheless, some people think it’s playing with fire and should never have come to fruition.

The more forward-thinking Twitter users took the opportunity to pitch a fresh idea for the platform. Whether this one will be the next one on Twitter’s dev list, who knows?

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