Tech & Science Daily podcast: UK crypto regulation plans revealed

The UK government has published proposals to ‘robustly’ regulate cryptocurrency.

The plans include new regulations to stop ‘pump and dump’ schemes, where individuals artificially inflate the value of a crypto asset before selling it, as well as measures to ensure customers’ assets are returned to them if a crypto business goes bust.

Research suggests that planting trees could cut deaths from high summer temperatures in cities by a third.

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health led study, found that of the 6,700 premature deaths linked to higher temperatures in European cities during 2015, one third could have been prevented by increasing urban tree cover up to 30%.

Findings from the University of Swansea suggest that people in the UK have an ‘unconscious bias’ when it comes to cars and driving.

Professor Ian Walker told Tech & Science Daily why people’s attitudes differ on issues around security and pollution when vehicles are involved.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has created a tool to check whether their technology was used to write CVs or homework.

In a blog post, the platform said their AI Text Classifier will categorise text on a five-step scale – ranging from likely to very unlikely.

And the rest

Scientists release a newly accurate map of all the matter in the universe, YouTube introduces Shorts monetisation to take on TikTok and Meta is shutting down Echo VR – one of its most popular multiplayer VR games. Plus, a bird charity’s Twitter ban for repeatedly posting about woodcocks is deemed ‘ironic’ by Elon Musk.

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