Tech & Science Daily podcast: Rotation of Earth’s inner core might be reversing

Scientists at China’s Peking University believe that the rotation of Earth’s inner core may have paused, and even reversed since 2009.

Researchers based their findings on earthquakes passing through the Earth’s inner core since the 1960s.

The inner core is separate from the Earth’s outer core, and rotates differently, but it is thought it could impact the earth’s rotation, and therefore potentially alter our days, nights, and climate.

Research by online safety organisation Internet Matters has revealed many parents know “little or nothing” about the newly-emerging dangers of the metaverse.

A recent survey by the organisation found that just 33 per cent of parents, and 15 per cent of children know enough about the metaverse to explain it.

A study suggests wealthy ancient Egyptians were buried with amulets and gold in the hope it would speed up their journey to the afterlife.

Using CT scans, scientists at Cairo University managed to “digitally unwrap” the mummified body of a wealthy ancient Egyptian boy, thought to have died at around 14 or 15 years old, 2,300 years ago.

And the rest

Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope finds signs of ‘building blocks for life’ in icy cloud, a new iceberg has broken off the Antarctic, could a recent plant toxin discovery help in the fight against antibiotics resistance? And how some pet fish managed to spend cash and expose their owner’s credit card during a Pokemon live stream.

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