Tech & Science Daily: Biden to hit China with chip curbs over AI fears


resident Joe Biden’s administration plans next month to broaden curbs on American shipments of computer chips sent to China for use in artificial intelligence project – that’s according to some sources working on the plan.

The Commerce Department intends to publish new regulations based on restrictions of semiconductors also used in the tools themselves that make microchips.

Sources told Reuters that companies will be forbidden from exporting the equipment to Chinese factories that produce certain advanced semiconductors unless the sellers obtain Commerce Department licences.

King Charles III is famous for his love of the natural world and was never shy about voicing his opinions on ecology and urban architecture. So there are hopes that he could continue his vocal support for the need to fight climate change.

It comes as Royal Parks ask mourners not to leave anything except unwrapped flowers, which are compostable, in tribute to the Queen in the interests of sustainability.

Staying with climate change, it’s been confirmed that this last sweltering summer was Europe’s hottest on record.

Data from EU satellite monitoring has revealed that August was the hottest by a considerable margin, fuelling a series of droughts and heatwaves.

Netflix is pushing further into video games and is working with Ubisoft to build mobile versions for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Valiant Hearts 2 and Mighty Quest. Nasa’s Artemis 1 space rocket has been in the workshop to replace the dodgy seals its thought contributed to a hydrogen fuel leak and scuppered the last launch attempt. The dream of truly driverless cars could need real drivers after all, that’s according to a boss at one of the world’s leading auto-makers. Patients diagnosed with ME are invited to participate in the world’s most extensive genetic study. And, a former girlfriend of Tesla founder Elon Musk is reportedly set to make nearly £20,000 from auctioning romantic keepsakes from their university relationship.

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