Rotten Tomatoes’ new daily trivia game is like Wordle for movies


otten Tomatoes – the film review aggregation site that divides movies into “fresh” or “rotten” depending on critical consensus – has launched its own guessing game to cash in on the enduring Wordle craze.

The Daily Tomato leans on the site’s archive of films and critic quotes, giving players five guesses to name the movie. On the first go, you’ll be given some basic information about the movie, including how many words the title is, the year it was made, its genre and the critical consensus.

If you don’t get it based on that information, turns two, three and four will give you a critic’s quote from the database to nudge you in the right direction. If you’re still flailing on the fifth and final go, the game will give you the general critics’ consensus, which tends to include certain plot elements that should push you over the line.

Like Wordle, there’s a new challenge every day, and Rotten Tomatoes promises “special weekend challenges and themed weeks tied to seasonal and holiday content”. It also keeps track of your performance, so you can try to keep your movie streak going for as long as possible.

Wordle has inspired a number of spin-offs, including Hollywordle and Actorle.

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This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to tailor the addictive Wordle formula to film buffs. Hollywordle has you guessing the five-letter film title exactly as you would normally play Wordle. Actorle, meanwhile, gives you a number of movies a mystery actor has starred in, and gives you eight guesses to find them, narrowing down their age with each turn.

The best ones, however, are suited to visual thinkers. Framed, for example, requires you to make your guess based on a series of six stills from the movie.

Posterdle, meanwhile, shows you a heavily pixelated movie poster that gradually becomes clearer over 20 seconds. At any point you can stop the process and make up to three guesses before the poster is fully revealed to players.

If you’ve come down with a case of World Cup fever, of course, you can’t beat Who Are Ya. In it, you have to guess the footballer based on his nationality, team, position, age and shirt number.

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