Polaroid pivots to audio with new line of Bluetooth speakers

Polaroid Players will be released alongside the company’s own ad-free digital radio station, Polaroid Radio. Accessible via the upcoming Polaroid Music app, it will feature various DJs and musicians.

Ahead of the launch, Polaroid is publicising the “Music in full color campaign”, which aims to inspire creators “to show up fuller, louder and bolder, with a new soundtrack/tool for their creativity”.

“Great musicians and photographers capture what we can’t always express with words,” said Oskar Smolokowski, Polaroid chairman. “They make us feel. We’re new in the music world, but we want to bring as much color and emotion to the space as we can. We’re excited about this new chapter while still being as committed as ever to instant photography.”

The line of speakers includes four different types of Bluetooth Polaroid Music Players. These include the smallest and most portable Polaroid P1, the most wearable Polaroid P2, the boom-box-style Polaroid P3 and the most powerful Polaroid P4.

As with Polaroid cameras, the brand’s style still throws back to analogue experiences, with a dial to change radio stations without needing to pick up a phone. The aim of the speakers was to make the Players “tactile objects rather than simply smartphone extensions”.

The range also comes in a number of different colour varieties

/ Polaroid

Launched at the same time as Polaroid Radio, the company hopes to bring back the atmosphere of radio, where music was curated byb artists and DJs, so that listeners can experience new songs as well as their favourite tracks. It will include five FM-style stations that are completely ad-free.

Polaroid Radio is available on the web or via the Polaroid Music app in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, and Austria, with more territories coming soon.

Polaroid Players are available at and retailers worldwide in a selection of colours inspired by the Polaroid Color Spectrum, starting at £49.99 for P1 and climbing to £259.99 for the most expensive model; the P4. The P2 and P3 models are also exclusively available in gray at

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