Minecraft YouTuber Dream reveals his face for the first time


he YouTube and Twitch star Dream – who has more than 40 million followers on YouTube alone for his Minecraft content – has shared his face publically online for the first time on Sunday (September 2).

Dream, real name Clay, revealed his visage to more than 1.3 million eager fans, and nine hours after the video went live, more than 15 million people have now watched for a glimpse.

“What do I do?” Dream says nervously in the video.

“Do I just rip the Band-Aid off and turn around?”

In the first minute or so of the video, he spent it stalling, before finally unveiling himself to his followers.

YouTuber Dream is actually called Clay

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Dream also shared that his real name is actually Clay.

The 23-year-old said he finally decided to reveal his face as fellow gamer GeorgeNotFound is moving from the US to the UK to live with him.

“My goal was to just start doing things, get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends finally, just get out in the world, be an actual creator, be a person,” Dream explained.

“I’ve been bunkered up… the people (who) have been trying to leak my face, trying to find what I look like… there’s too many, it’s a tiny bit too much.”

He added: “This is me… unless I’m an actor.”

Dream has been the subject of controversy over the years, and has been accused of cheating as well as admitting to using game modifications, despite claiming that it was not intentional.

In the video clip, he also addressed that he had received lots of hate online.

“I feel like I got so desensitized to hate, that I find it funny,” he said in the clip.

He also shared that at one point, the FBI reached out to him to tell him that there was a threat to his life, but he thought it was just a joke.

At the end of the clip, he encouraged those who would like to follow in his footsteps, saying: “This channel is living proof that anyone can do anything.”

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