Tech & Science Daily: Sending young women to space


pace Prize has launched a first of its kind global competition to encourage girls to pursue careers in Space.

The Prize? Well, the foundation are sending two young girls to the edge of space.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to Kim Macharia, Executive Director of the Space Prize Foundation.

A record-breaking, huge comet has been spotted heading towards Earth – but don’t worry, it will stop before it reaches our planet.

The comet won’t get closer than a billion miles from the Sun in the year 2031.

A major producer of Apple’s iPhone has become the latest manufacturer to stop operations because of the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai.

The city was locked down in late March after infections surged in the key manufacturing and financial hub.

China’s ‘Earth 2.0’ spacecraft could finally find life on alien worlds and NASA are to test a catapult that flings objects into space at 5,000mph. A global police sting takes down the ‘world’s biggest’ hacker marketplace and a US cryptocurrency expert is jailed for helping North Korea evade sanctions. Plus, research finds that 35% of people don’t know what internet cookies are and celebrity interest helps ‘MoonPay’ become worth billions.

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