Tech & Science Daily: Nasa on their Moon mission, behind the scenes


hen could we stay on the moon?

Well, Tech & Science Daily spoke to Nasa’s Daniel Andrews, project manager of the VIPER moon mission. The mission aims to find out how humans could one day stay on the moon.

He explained how their Artemis lunar rover, the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, or VIPER, will travel to the moon’s South Pole, to look for ice and water. There’s just a four-month period when the mission can take place, as the south pole tilts towards the sun.

There’s a warning the world’s food supply could be vulnerable to hackers…

A recent report by researchers at the University of Cambridge claims “smart” farm machinery like automatic crop sprayers, drones and robotic harvesters could be hacked.

There’s a new discovery of ‘Ghost fossils’  which are essentially the ‘impressions’ of physical fossils which are left in rocks.

We spoke to Professor Richard Twitchett from The Natural History Museum.

Plus, TikTok could be making moves in the world of gaming. ‘Direct air capture’ tech: The US Government is pledging $3.5billion to literally suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and store it away. Prehistoric faeces gives a hint about Stonehenge builders cooking skills, Artificial Intelligence sleep app could mean an end to sleeping pills, and Dolphins line up to self-medicate skin conditions with coral.

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