Tech & Science Daily: Gaming kids ‘banned’ after 10pm


hildren in China are to be banned from tipping video game streamers without parental consent – and they won’t be allowed to play on consoles after 10pm under new rules imposed by authorities.

According to China’s National Radio and Television Administration, it’s part of a regulatory crackdown on web companies to manage how under-18s use technology.

It includes managing youngsters’ peak playing hours and consoles being turned off “forcibly” by 10pm under a concept called “youth mode”.

Analysis suggests hundreds of accounts belonging to the “very worst” Twitter trolls reappeared within days of Elon Musk’s £34.5 billion bid for the social network.

Volunteers monitoring online accounts promoting violence, racism and antisemitism says there’s recently been a surge of activity linked to these profiles, which were previously ejected from the platform.

Bitcoin fell to its lowest level since January on Monday as slumping equity markets continued to hurt cryptocurrencies. Nasa scientists say they’ve seen for the first time a black hole inside a galaxy reversing its magnetic field…all from 236 million light-years away. London’s mayor Sadiq Khan begins a US tour aimed at boosting the British capital’s tourism and tech industries. UK politicians say the rise of online influencers has exposed legal gaps that leave children at risk of exploitation from advertisers.

Plus, Scientists say recycling of e-waste must be increased because mining Earth for metals to make new tech gadgets is unsustainable, and twenty-five years after the launch of the N64 classic GoldenEye, a museum has come up with a way to stop competitors cheating and peaking at others’ progress in split-screen multiplayer mode.

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