Steven Gerrard ‘would love’ All-Star game but doubts practicality of Todd Boehly idea

The American has attracted heat from the likes of Jurgen Klopp since floating the idea of a North vs South clash, in the style of similar events held in Major League Baseball and American Football.

While Gerrard, 42, is a fan of the concept, he doubts its reality given the already-packed nature of the football calendar.

He told reporters: “From a personal point of view, I’d love to see it. I would’ve loved to have played in it.

“The north would win it — because Liverpool and Manchester City are the two strongest teams in the league in my opinion.

“But I do agree with what I’ve heard a few other managers say — and that is in terms of, we’ve got enough to focus on. There’s enough games in the calendar. And that’s not from a European point of view, so they must be in an even more difficult situation.

“But I know from managing Rangers, if you’re involved in Europe, the last thing you need is another game in the calendar.

“It’s a nice idea — one that’s outside the box but unfortunately I can’t see it happening. I’d love to watch it though. I’d definitely have the popcorn out for that one. It’d be a good one.”

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