Moyes slams late West Ham-Chelsea derby call with fans impacted


est Ham boss David Moyes has criticised the Premier League over the rescheduling of tomorrow’s London derby against Chelsea, claiming the late switch reminded him of the organisational chaos during his time managing Real Sociedad in LaLiga.

The fixture was originally set to take place on Sunday, but was moved forward a day at just a week’s notice, following last Friday’s Champions League draw.

That saw Chelsea handed an away fixture against Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday evening, making the turnaround from Sunday unworkable, but the possibility that the Blues would be in European action was clear well in advance of the draw.

To make matters worse, the new kick-off time of 3pm BST was not confirmed until Monday this week and Moyes believes the short notice is unacceptable for fans.

David Moyes hopes the Premier League don’t follow LaLiga’s lead on organisational issues

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“I think it’s disappointing because it was known there would be Champions League games and European games for us as well,” Moyes said. “I’ll tell you something about the Premier League, they’ve got a great organisation and in the main these situations don’t happen that often.

“When I was fortunate enough to manage in Spain for a year, the one thing that was completely different from the Premier League to LaLiga was that the Premier League’s organisation was fantastic.

“LaLiga was really late with organisation. When was the game going to be? Was it going to be six o’clock at night, ten o’clock at night? Was it going to be Sunday, Monday, what day was it going to be? When I was out there it was the thing that annoyed me a little bit.

“I hope the Premier League are not going like that because I think what the Premier League are is a very well-run organisation which tries to get things right but I think they’ve got this one wrong. The lateness for the supporters is not correct.”

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