Goalkeeper sent off for urinating in a bush during FA Cup game


oalkeeper Connor Maseko was on Saturday sent off for relieving himself in a bush during his side’s FA Cup match against Shepton Mallet.

Maseko, who plies his trade in the ninth-tier Wessex League with Blackfield & Langley, was given his marching orders after natured called.

After the ball went out for a goal kick, Maseko needed to use the toilet and decided to go up against a hedge.

He was seen by Shepton Mallet players who drew the incident to the attention of the referee.

“The ball went out for a goal kick,” Blackfield & Langley FC co-manager Conor McCarthy told BBC Sport.

“He needed to go to the toilet so he went up against a hedge and their players started shouting saying ‘what’s he doing?’ to the ref. The ref went up to him and decided to send him off.

“He protected himself. He was inside the hedge. Sometimes when you have to go you have to go. I was gobsmacked. I didn’t expect that [sending-off]. We’re all pretty shocked by the decision.”

The match finished 0-0 so will be replayed.

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