Eubank Sr claims he’s pulled son OUT of huge Benn bout


hris Eubank Sr has claimed he will not let his son fight Conor Benn in what is set to be a huge bout at the 02 Arena next month.

The British pair are due to face off on October 8 at a catchweight of 157lbs, almost 29 years to the day after their fathers fought for the second time. Eubank Sr beat Nigel Benn in their first bout, before the second three years later at Old Trafford was a draw.

However, despite the massive excitement surrounding the upcoming fight between their sons, Eubank Sr is now unwilling to let the fight go ahead, fearing the weight cut is too dangerous.

Eubank Jr normally fights at 160lbs and his father, whose son Sebastian died at the age of 29 last year, has grave concerns about the consequences the catchweight could have.

“If you have a child and someone’s trying to actually take that child away from you, and do something wrong to that child, as a dad you wouldn’t let them,” Eubank Sr told the Daily Mail. “That’s all I’m doing.

“I’ve given him my direction. If he doesn’t want to follow it, he will be dragged along. But he will do what is right for him… he is coming down 1oz below 160lbs which cannot happen on my watch.

“This is modern day ‘gladiating’, this is not a play thing for the audience. We have to be strict otherwise lives are put in danger and my son’s life cannot be put in danger. I’ve already lost one. It can’t happen again.”

Speaking earlier this year, Eubank Jr admitted losing the extra weight was going to be a struggle for him.

“157lbs is the weight I have to get down to,” he told talkSPORT.

“It’s a weight I haven’t been since I was about 18 years old. Is it a worry? I guess you could say that.”

Eubank Jr added: “I know how it feels when I’m at 160lbs the day of the weigh in, so losing three more pounds under that, it’s gonna be painful, it’s gonna hurt.”

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