Sharon Osbourne thinks her family is ‘cursed’ after Ozzy tests positive for Covid-19

The 69-year-old talk show star, who revealed her husband’s diagnosis in tears earlier today, shared an update with her friend Piers Morgan as she rushed back to Los Angeles.

On Thursday evening, Morgan read out a text from Ms Osbourne as she opened up about enduring the ‘nightmare’.

Written at the airport, her message read: “It’s just a nightmare, Piers. I’m at the airport, I feel like the Osbournes are cursed.”

In response, Morgan announced to viewers: “They’ve certainly had a terrible run of bad luck.”

The presenter added: “I want to send Sharon all my love, to Ozzy as well, my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, and everyone here at TalkTV and Piers Uncensored is right here behind you willing you on. So good luck to you, Ozzy.”

Earlier today, Ms Osbourne spoke to TalkTV about her husband’s Covid-19 diagnosis – which happened overnight. She’s since decided to postpone appearances on her new talk show and jet back home to the US to support him.

In the video, she explained: “Ozzy was only diagnosed in the middle of the night our time. I spoke to him and he’s OK. I am very worried about Ozzy right now.”

She added: “We’ve gone two years without him catching Covid and it’s just Ozzy’s luck it would be now.”

The Black Sabbath rocker has been battling Parkinson’s Disease for a number of years. He also suffered an accident in 2019 that has caused several health issues.

Osbourne’s wife is confident that he’ll make a swift recovery and also vowed to be back at work soon.

She added, resiliently: “I know my husband, we’re going to get him back on his feet and we’re going to get a negative test by next week.”

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