‘Saving on fuel costs is a blessing and then some’

Sarupa Shah, 49, is a business coach who bought her MG5 earlier this year. It was love at first drive…

What was your main motivation for getting an electric car?

I needed a new car and ‒ once I test drove the electric car ‒ it won, hands down, on power and smoothness of ride. It was pretty astonishing as I wasn’t expecting it! I felt like I was driving the future.

How have you found it in terms of driving?

I really love it. Though it’s a cultural shift thinking about the battery and planning long journeys.

Do you worry about it breaking down/not being able to get a charge?

The ‘range panic’ lasted a few days and then I reminded myself I drove my ICE car mostly on the red anyway.

If you were going to compare it to owning a petrol car, which is better in your opinion?

No more petrol stations is just fabulous and saving on fuel costs, especially with the current situation, is a blessing and then some. What has been frustrating, however, is that the public charging infrastructure hasn’t caught up. I have a home charger and that’s a game-changer.

How do the costs compare? Do you get any perks for driving electric rather than petrol?

There’s a massive financial saving per mile when you factor in fuel, tax and servicing costs. Plus no congestion charge or ULEZ ‒ and parking costs in some places are reduced significantly, too.

What is your favourite thing about it?

It’s got brilliant performance and ride quality as well as being virtually silent.

Would you say electric cars are a good thing for London, and if so, why?

Totally ‒ based on emissions for air quality, plus noise pollution will decrease. And they will help ease congestion by reducing the number of petrol/diesel tankers coming into London.

Describe your experience in three words?

Exciting, clean, fun.

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