Science week event ‘sows seed’ for school children

children from across the local area have ventured to Aberystwyth University over the last week to get involved with the university’s Science Week events.

The science fair event which has been held annually for the last four years, hosts more than 1,000 students from 24 schools across west Wales, giving them the opportunity to explore the world of science through fun and educational stands.

Children had access to a variety of interactive stalls, including games challenging them to guess the animal from a range of different skulls, a recreation of the surface of Mars, games which demonstrated the future of food, as well as the opportunity to race the records of Mark Cavendish and Victoria Pendleton on a spin bike.

Stalls aimed to show pupils how science is at the heart of some of life’s most spectacular phenomena and affects our everyday lives in positive ways.

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Learning Teaching and Student Experience, Tim Woods, said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for the children to get out of school and have fun while learning.”

With the need for greater diversity within STEM industries, Mr Woods added: “Events like these, sow the seeds for a passion for learning and demonstrate some of the opportunities available to all, especially female students and those with disabilities.

“It offers the chance to see a diverse range of academics thriving within their field.

“For some of these children, university is not something they’ve ever been to or considered, so using events like these we hope we can demystify university and ensure these pupils have as many opportunities available to them as possible.

“I was delighted to see such high numbers from schools across west Wales and we are all looking forward to hosting more pupils next year.”

Eleri Jones, a teacher from Ysgol Myfenydd, expressed what a wonderful experience this was for the children.

“Some of these children haven’t been out of school for the last two years, so its fantastic to see them out and about, not only learning but also being given the chance to meet and interact with new people,” she said.

For the last two years, the school environment has been an ever-changing landscape because of changes to rules and restrictions which have meant online teaching and distanced learning, however, events such as this not only offer a fun learning experience but also a sense of a returning normality.

The university hopes to repeat the event next year, inviting more schools from across the area.

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