PS5 UK stock – live: Today’s restock news from Hamleys, EE, Argos and more

Who will be next to restock the console this March?

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Update: The PS5 has sold out at Hamleys. It could drop at Very, Argos and Currys could restock the PS5 soon. Read on for more information.

The release of Gran Turismo 7 is almost upon us, but even though next-gen titles are continuing to drop thick and fast, it’s still unbelievably difficult to get your hands on a PS5. Well over a year since its launch, customers are still struggling due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. Sony’s Playstation 5 was released in November 2020 and even though we’re now in March 2022, it’s still incredibly difficult to secure a PS5.

While the last couple of weeks of February were both pretty successful ones in terms of stock drops, it still managed to be the worst month for restocks since we started tracking consoles back in May 2021, with only 12 drops taking place throughout the month. Our hope now is that March will be the month we start to see retailers really delivering the goods.

Our liveblog is here to get you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new machine. If you want to find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, then keep scrolling to receive updates as they happen.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


‘Gran Turismo 7’ launches tomorrow

Gran Turismo 7 drops tomorrow on the racing franchise’s 25th anniversary and is the first numbered, full-fat Turismo launch since 2013 – in fact, it’s the first ‘proper’ GT to land since the PlayStation 3.

Our reviewer said of the new title: “Gran Turismo 7 is a vast racing game. It might lack the instant sparkle of an arcade racing game, but it’s an experience that lasts much longer and feels more rewarding. Mastering a track with a newly tuned car feels good and well earned.”

The game can be pre-ordered on PS4 (£59,99) and PS5 (from £69.99) at Amazon (£69.99,, Very (£69.99, and Game (£69.99, It is released on 4 March and you can read our full review right here:

Alex Lee3 March 2022 16:52


Some context around the EE PS5 restock yesterday

While EE’s restock yesterday morning lasted a few hours, it was the first time since December that we’ve seen the retailer sell out of consoles within a day, hinting that either the retailer didn’t get as big of a shipment in this time, or that demand for the console is still high. It’s probably a mixture of both.

BT, who owns EE, also dropped consoles last week, but it’s restock only lasted two days. Drops at the BT Shop usually last a whole week, so retailers are certainly still being impacted by the shortage.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 16:02


When could we expect an Asda PS5 restock?

Like John Lewis & Partners, supermarket chain Asda hasn’t restocked the PS5 at all this year. The last drop at Asda took place on 22 December at 9am and stock sold out within minutes. Restocks usually take place between 8am and 9am.

While Asda isn’t the easiest retailer to secure a console from, we do have a few tips. This one’s a no-brainer, but you should ensure you’ve got all your payment details saved on the website ahead of time. Our biggest tip is to add the console to your wish list now. Sometimes you aren’t able to check out from the main PS5 landing page, but you are able to check out from your wish list. Why? No idea, just a strange Asda quirk that has been around since it started selling the PS5.

Asda usually has a four to six week gap between restocks, so it’s well behind schedule this time round. It has dropped on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before, so we’re not expecting a drop from the retailer until next week now.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 15:12


PS5 vs Xbox series X

Looking at the mountains of Xbox series X and wondering whether you should ditch the PS5 hype train and get onboard the Xbox one? The Independent’s technology editor, Andrew Griffin, weighed in with his comparative review of both consoles when they were first released, and it’s well worth a read if you’re struggling to decide between the two.

“Both consoles offer a host of improvements on their predecessors: new designs, vastly improved performance, and new games”, he said. To find out his verdict, read his review of the PS5 and Xbox series X.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 14:23


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On the hunt for the Xbox series X?

While the shortage of PS5s continue and Sony flounders with production of its next-gen machine, it appears that rival Microsoft may have sorted itself out with stock of the Xbox series X.

Microsoft’s console has pretty much been in stock somewhere in at least one retailer since the end of 2021, with Asda having stock continuously for almost three months now. Want to find out how to get the best deal? Head on over to our Xbox series X restock liveblog.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 12:43


Where is Tesco’s PS5 stock?

“Where the heck is the Tesco PS5 restock?” we hear you cry. The last time Tesco had an online restock was on 15 March 2021. It’s been so long that we’ve stopped predicting Tesco drops altogether, since they never materialise.

The last rumoured date for a Tesco drop was 2 June 2021, with stock trackers claiming that it received a shipment in late May 2021. That never happened. We’ve occasionally seen reports of people managing to buy a PS5 from the shelves of Tesco directly, but these reports crop up maybe once every three or four months.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 11:53


Upcoming PS5 games

Secured a PS5 from Amazon, EE or maybe even Hamleys this morning? Still searching? It’s never too early to start looking at upcoming PS5 games to help you decide whether it’s worth continuing the hunt. Below, we’ve rounded up the PS5 games we’re most excited about this month.

Upcoming PS5 games in March

  • Gran Turismo 7, 4 March (£69.99,
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok, 10 March (£34.99,
  • WWE 2K22, 11 March (£59.99,
  • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, 18 March (£59.99,
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo, 25 March (£49.85,
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, 25 March (£64.99,

For the full list of upcoming PS5 games in March and beyond, have a read of our article below:

Alex Lee3 March 2022 11:28


Could we expect a Currys  PS5 restock any time soon?


Currys used to use a horrible VIP pass draw system to dish out consoles to its customers. It sounded great in theory, but not great in practice. Why? Because it was too exclusive for its own good.

Anyone hunting for the console between the months of June and December weren’t able to get a PS5 from the retailer at all. It closed the pass draw to new entrants in late May, but continued to send out invitations to buy the console to anyone who had signed up between February and April all the way up to 2 December.

Thankfully, that system has been done away with now, but it’s still pretty difficult to bag a PS5 from the retailer. We last saw a Currys restock on Friday 18 February and before that on Friday 28 January. It seems to be settling into a Friday restock pattern now, so could we see more consoles drop this Friday? Maybe.

Currys waited exactly three weeks between restocks, so if it sticks to that pattern, we could see a drop on Friday 10 March, but we’ll still be keeping an eye out tomorrow morning.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 11:03


Argos PS5 stock set to drop next week

Argos has only just had a restock last week and it’s already set for another one, according to the guys over on the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account. Argos is one of the handful of retailers that the PS5 stock checker has insider knowledge on thanks to some crafty moles crawling around in the system.

It is currently predicting a drop between 9-11 March, with both disc and digital edition consoles set to drop. In recent months, we’ve been seeing the retailer set stock live between 3-6am in the morning, which isn’t ideal. We’ll update you all if we hear more.

Alex Lee3 March 2022 10:32

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