Players struggle to guess Wordle 259 answer

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Wordle players have taken to Twitter to lament that there are “too many combinations” as many fail to guess the correct answer for Wordle 259.

The word game was created by Josh Wardle and released publicly in October last year, before it was bought for an “undisclosed seven-figure sum” by The New York Times (NYT) last month.

The Love Story Behind Wordle



The game sees users try to guess the five-letter word of the day in six attempts or less.

However, it seems today’s words is leaving many people scratching their heads.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

One Twitter user said that “only science students” would managed to guess the answer for Wordle 259.

Today’s Wordle answer is “brine”, which is a high-concentration solution of salt in water often used to preserve cheeses like halloumi and feta.

Some users complained that they got the “R” “I” and “E” which left them with several possible solutions, including bride, pride, bribe, tribe, write, gripe, arise and crime, among others.

One user managed to guess four correct letters three times but ultimately did not guess the correct word.

Some users were extremely successful in guessing today’s Wordle. Two Twitter users credited guessing the words in two attempts by using author Marian Keyes’ starting word, which is “sh**e”.

“Just used @MarianKeyes favourite starter word and OMG – it works!,” one player wrote.

“I can confirm that the 💩 tactic is a winning one @MarianKeyes. I think this is my best yet,” another added.

The world game has seen a spike in popularity since the beginning of the year, with an estimated 3 million people now playing the game daily.

After the game was acquired by the NYT, social media users said the game had become “harder”, “more difficult” and even “elitist”, but the publisher denied making any changes to the gameplay.

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