Passenger dragged along platform after being trapped in doors of train


passenger became trapped in the doors of a train and was forced to run alongside it as it moved off from the platform at Wood Street station, an accident report has found.

The incident occurred at the north east London station on January 14, when the train moved off with the passenger’s hand trapped in the closed train doors.

The woman was pulled along the platform at 7.6mph, forcing her to run alongside the Chingford to London Liverpool Street service in a horrifying moment which was captured on CCTV.

The accident report stated the woman initially got out of the rear door of the fifth car after the train arrived at Wood Street station, and then attempted to board the train again using the rear doors of the fourth car, but the door closing sequence had begun.

As she attempted to board the train, the passenger placed her hand between the closing doors, but it did not open and her hand became trapped.

The train then started to depart from the platform with the passenger’s hand still trapped in the doors.

After the train had travelled around 20 metres along the platform, the train driver became aware of what was happening and slammed on the brakes.

The passenger did not sustain any injuries and left the station after speaking to the train driver.

A report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch said: “The driver stated that, although he had seen that the passenger was close to the side of the train before starting the train, he was unaware that she was trapped in the doors and believed that she was pressing the ‘door open’ button to try and board the train.”

The driver became aware of the incident after observing on the monitors that the passenger was continuing to move alongside the train, causing him to bring it to a halt.

Platforms at Wood Street station are not staffed and drivers are responsible for dispatching trains from the station, the report said.

The incident is the fourth reported case in London of a similar nature, with previous accidents in Hayes & Harlington, Bushey and Elstree & Borehamwood.

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