Nationwide down as debit card payments DECLINED in shops and online

Nationwide has confirmed a “small number” of debit card payments are being incorrectly declined online and in shops. Customers of the building society have been complaining this afternoon

Nationwide users are complaining about debit card issues

Nationwide customers have been left furious this afternoon after their debit card payments were declined in shops and online.

The building society has confirmed it is experiencing issues in a tweet on social media.

Replying to one customer on Twitter, it said: “We’re sorry, a small number of debit cards are being incorrectly declined online and in shops at the moment.

“We’re working to fix this as quickly as we can.”

Outage tracker DownDetector shows the technical glitch started around 1pm today. According to its breakdown, most of the complaints (43%) are to do with online banking.

Some 32% of people are having trouble with transferring funds, while 25% are complaining about mobile banking.

In a tweet to Nationwide earlier today, one customer said: “Is there problems with account balances? I made a purchase but the money in still in my account and hasn’t been taken.”

Another said: “I am trying to make a withdrawal from my Sky betting account to my Nationwide account its not going through.

Are you having trouble with Nationwide today? Let us know: [email protected]

“It is being declined from your side has there been some issues blocking this just I used my card to make a deposit.”

A third tweeted: “Any issues with online banking? My account balance is higher than it should be and I can’t seem to make payments online. No messages on the app.”

A fourth complained: “I need to go grocery shopping but can’t as my card declining every month there is something new.”

Nationwide has advised customers who have used their cards today to be patient, as “it might take longer than usual for the pending transaction to appear”.

The Mirror has contacted Nationwide for comment.

It isn’t the first time the building society has been hit by technical issues.

Customers saw payments going into their accounts delayed on New Year’s Eve – just days after a separate outage in the run-up to Christmas.

Are you entitled to money back for bank glitches?

If your bank services have gone down, you aren’t automatically entitled to any compensation – it instead depends on how badly the outage has affected you.

For example, if it made you miss a bill or some sort of payment.

It also depends on how long the service disruption lasts for and how quickly the bank worked to resolve it.

Nationwide has a dedicated page on its website to help you make a complaint.

If you’re considering making a complaint, you should gather evidence about how the service issues affected you and for how long.

If you’re in desperate need of access to your money but your online services are down, you should be able to go to your local bank branch to withdraw your funds as normal.

If you don’t have a local bank branch nearby or you’re unable to get there, try and call your bank or contact it on social media to ask what to do.

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