Mike Amesbury MP tours Daresbury tech company Quantum Science

A COMPANY developing sensor technology for the next generation of phones, self-driving cars and even flying taxis has received a visit from an MP.

Daresbury-based Quantum Science is working with sensor and camera manufacturers as it prepares for the commercial launch of its patented technology based on highly light-sensitive nanocrystals.

Through relationships with major global brands, the business anticipates rapid expansion but hopes to stay local and recruit for highly skilled jobs.

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury said he was ‘blown away’ during a recent visit.

“This is exciting, world-leading nanotechnology. Applications range from mobile phones to automated cars to health care, even flying taxis in the not-too-distant future,” he commented.

“It is taking things to another level, and we have got this facility on our doorstep that is growing rapidly and wants to grow even further.”

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury during his visit to Daresbury-based Quantum Science

Award-winning Quantum Science, which currently employs about 20 people, says silicon-based sensor technology has dominated the market until now.

But silicon does not have the superior infrared sensing ability of the nanocrystal quantum dots developed at its Daresbury lab.

Applications could include sensors in self-driving cars but with improved performance and at a lower cost than existing technology.

Mobile phones could benefit from enhanced facial ID and bio-metrics recognition, better camera performance and longer battery life.

Smart watches could incorporate more health functions including real time glucose monitoring, avoiding intrusive blood testing for diabetes sufferers.

There are applications for quality control in industry, to detect defects in solar panels, for example.

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury during his visit to Daresbury-based Quantum Science

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury during his visit to Daresbury-based Quantum Science

An individual could even use their mobile phone to scan perishable food items at the supermarket to check for hidden flaws in fruit and veg.

Dr Hao Pang, founder and CEO of Quantum Science, said: “We were very excited to host Mike’s visit.

“Gaining our MP’s support inspires us to innovate and deliver the best quantum dot products and tech to our global customers.

“Quantum Science looks forward to working with local communities to transform our north west materials innovation company into a global success.

“We commit to bringing high-performance and low-cost infrared sensing and imaging to life, improving the way humans and machines perceive the world.”

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