Londoner’s Diary: Huw Edwards: it’s not fair to scrutinise my BBC pay


UW EDWARDS, reportedly the BBC’s highest-paid news presenter, says it is unfair his salary is scrutinised, because colleagues are paid more on a freelance basis. “I happen to know one of the highest earners in news over the last 10 years has never featured on any list,” he said, adding another “has part of their earnings reported and a huge chunk … not reported”.

He added: “The transparency is problematic. The BBC has a problem there because it can’t force people who are not on the books to be disclosing things, that’s a complexity of the system.”

After the BBC equal pay row in 2018, Edwards took a cut to just over £500,000. It has been reported that fellow news anchor Fiona Bruce earns “more than £1 million”— she also hosts the Antiques Roadshow and Question Time.

Edwards revealed that he had tried to help a female colleague when she found out she was being paid less than a male co-host before the furore. ”I said: “You need to go and see the manager and tell him that it’s completely out of order, you’re doing the same job” he said.

He said he was happy to take a pay cut and accepted he would never get a pay rise again. “I haven’t got a problem with the principal of the decision, which is to make the playing field more even. I do have a view which is unprintable which is unprintable about the way the BBC got itself into that position and the way that was allowed to develop because that really isn’t any presenters fault” he said.

The anchor also told the Fortunately podcast he steals his daughter’s Mac moisturiser when he takes his make-up off after the News at Ten. “I actually do use her supplies, much to her anger,” he said.

Whittome on sexism in SW1A

Labour MP Nadia Whittome has detailed the misogyny she has faced in the Commons. “A senior Tory MP asked me if I was on Tinder,” she said. “I laughed it off nervously, but I can see now just how inappropriate it was.” In a piece for gal-dem, she said: “In conversations with male MPs, I regularly notice them talking to my chest rather than my face.”

Sir Ian’s night at the theatre

SIR Ian McKellen raised eyebrows at the Globe yesterday, where he was giving a speech to mark the presentation of the Sir Peter Hall directing award to Denzel Westley-Sanderson. “Excuse me if I look a bit tired,” Sir Ian said. “I got a bit of Cock last night.” Naturally, he was referring to the current production at the Ambassadors Theatre …

Oioi it’s the BAFTAs

Jodie COMER casually tucked her best actress Bafta under her arm as she left the Royal Festival Hall last night. Heartstopper’s Joe Locke and Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan led the trend for pink on the red carpet. Coughlan, who posed with winner Jamie Demetriou, told us: “I saw the dress on the Valentino runway and fell in love with it.” Later Mo Gilligan was his own hype man at 180 House, shouting: “Bafta afterparty you get me? If you’re ready to have a good time gimme an oi oi.”

Dame Kelly races down to Sandé album launch

Singer Emeli Sandé partied until 2am with pals including Dame Kelly Holmes to celebrate the launch of her latest album at The Mandrake hotel in Fitzrovia. Teetotaller Sandé, who called the record a “labour of love”, said she had put up her family at the venue on Friday night to make the most of it. “My parents are staying here tonight, so we are going to have a good one,” she told us.

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