London Tube Strike 2022 LIVE: Commuters face chaos as industrial action goes ahead


Police help with crowd control outside Liverpool St station

Police could be seen helping with crowd control outside a busy Liverpool St station this morning.

Officers from City of London police could be seen on hand to help manage the throng of people attempting to board buses from the major transport hub.

One witness said: “Absolute carnage at Liverpool Street Station this morning”. The Standard has contacted the force for details.


Tube strike ‘major blow’ for Londoners

West End businesses have called the tube strike a ‘major blow’ to Londoners, reports City Hall Editor Ross Lydall.

Dee Corsi, Chief Operating Officer at New West End Company, said: “The proposed tube strike action is a major blow for Londoners, already adding to the disruptions caused by the six month Night Tube strike action, which has been threatening the West End’s weekend night-time economy ever since it began in the new year.

“At a time when many businesses are looking to recover from the impact of the pandemic, the last thing they need is for their footfall to be hampered at such a critical point.

“We strongly encourage RMT to call off these strikes to help commuters and business owners in the capital resume normality after an immensely difficult two years.”


TfL boss: RMT are ‘tukeys voting for Christmas’

Andy Lord, TfL’s chief operating officer, described the strike as “completely unnecessary” and compared the RMT to “turkeys voting for Christmas”, writes City Hall editor, Ross Lydall.

Speaking on LBC, he apologised to passengers for today’s disruption, which he said was premature as no proposals to change the pensions of TfL staff had been tabled.

He said TfL was hoping to run a “limited service” on some lines later today and warned that services would be disrupted tomorrow morning due to the knock-on impact of the shutdown lasting until a minute to midnight tonight.

Mr Lord said: “I would be very keen for the RMT to call off this action and enable us to run the service at a time when our finances have been decimated. We need the city to recover.”

Asked if TfL’s advice for Londoners to work from home if they can was akin to “turkeys voting for Christmas”, Mr Lord replied: “I think it is the RMT that are turkeys voting for Christmas.”

He added: “I would much rather we didn’t have this dispute and the RMT worked with us to get TfL into a sustainable position.”


Some Overground stations closed – TfL

Some Overground stations were closed this morning despite the service not being directly affected by the RMT’s walkout.

One commuter, Denise Yeung, said: “TFL says overground is running but the gates to overground platforms were not even open this morning 7am at West Brompton”.

Although the service is running, TfL said: “Stations with connections to the London Underground are not open”.

Denise Yeung

Lengthy queues for buses at Victoria

The near-total suspension of London Underground lines has driven demand for buses, with lengthy queues at Victoria station this morning.

One of those caught up in a queue for a bus this morning, Jessica Cholmondeley, said on social media: “Avoid coming into central unless you have to”.

Commuters queue for buses at Victoria

/ Lucy Young


District and Central Lines operating ‘reduced’ service in some areas

As of 8am Tuesday morning, TfL said that the District and Central lines were operating in some areas, but were suspended on the rest of the line.

The Central Line was operating between White City and Ealing Broadway / West Ruislip and between Liverpool Street and Loughton at a reduced frequency.

The District Line was operating between Upminster and West Ham and between High Street Kensington and Wimbledon at a reduced frequency.

All other London Underground lines remained suspended, with reduced service on the Overground.


One man swore through the barricade trying to get attention of TfL staff at a completely closed Seven Sisters, reports Barney Davis.

The staff used a different exit to get out of the station with the confused commuter left to hop on a cramped bus to King’s Cross.

Barney Davis
Barney Davis

RMT: Mayor should decide ‘whose side he is on’ as 10,000 strong-strike goes ahead

The RMT union said Tuesday morning that 10,000 tube workers had gone on strike in a row over job losses and changes to pensions.

It claimed that London Underground bosses wants to cut 600 frontline jobs and scrap the final salary pension scheme in a bid to drive down costs.

The union hit out at Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying he had previously said it was “neither fair nor reasonable” for tube workers to have to pay more into their pensions, but that he had agreed to a Government deal which would require that.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: “Sadiq Khan should be standing up to Tory ministers who want to needlessly attack jobs, pensions and conditions of key transport workers.

“It is this political failure that has left tube workers with no choice but to strike this week.”


Frustrated commuters cram onto buses at Stratford

John Dunne / Evening Standard

Queues formed at major transport hub Stratford as tube services were suspended in today’s strike, writes John Dunne.

Passengers who usually take Central or Jubilee lines crammed onto buses. Computer David Sandoz, 23, who works in a coffee shop said: “It’s raining and I’m very angry about the strike. We are just trying to make a living after a pandemic that has hit us all.”

Laura Diggins a receptionist, 21, said: “Why do they have to punish commuters. I want the tube workers to have a fair deal but this is a nightmare journey now.”


Commuters packed onto trains at South Tottenham

On the Overground one of the few lines still running had commuters squished on at South Tottenham, writes Barney Davis.

One Overground station worker who had closed the station at 1am said he was heading home for a quick break before returning at 10am.

He said: “It’s going to get very busy. Especially with Seven Sisters closed, everyone is going to come here.

“It increases the pressure on us. The tube should be non-stop.”

He shakes his head before adding “We would be sacked if we tried this.”

Barney Davis /Evening Standard

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