Just Stop Oil protesters block petrol stations on M25 during rush hour


limate group Just Stop Oil said 35 of its supporters have blocked petrol stations at two motorway service areas on the M25.

It said the action began at 7am at Cobham Services in Surrey and Clacket Lane Services, Kent.

Footage shows the activists smashing display glass and spraying paint on petrol pumps.

Just Stop Oil said the action had started from 7am. Pictures showed police cars at the scene but Surrey Police have not yet confirmed any arrests.

A reporter from The Independent at the scene claimed one irate customer at the services had shouted “get a job” at the activists as they blocked the entrance to the Cobham forecourt.

Nathan McGovern, 22, a student from Coventry taking action, said: “The world’s most vulnerable are dying from a fossil-fuelled nightmare right now, whilst our government proposes to drill for more oil and gas.

“I refuse to stand by and watch as heatwaves and drought murder people across the global South and families in the UK are forced to choose between eating and heating.

“If politicians and bureaucrats refuse to act then it falls on ordinary people to do what they will not.”

More to follow…

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