‘I compared Richmond sausages to supermarket brands and found a new favourite banger’

Richmond Sausages have become a firm Brit favourite banger, but one supermarket-own offering is cheaper and tastier, a taste test has found

Kent Live reporter Sam Honey has compared supermarket own-brand bangers to Brit staple sausages, Richmond

Fry-up favourite Richmond sausages have been knocked from the top spot by a surprise supermarket -own brand banger, according to a taste test.

Whether you’re a classic fry up fan or can’t wait for your weekly bangers and mash, Brits are spoiled for choice when it comes to the humble sausage.

Undoubtedly the superior element of the Full English, they are also found in animal-themed dinners like pigs in blankets, toads in holes and hotdogs.

But making sure you choose the right banger could be the difference between making and breaking your meal.

For many, Richmond is unquestionably the best, having become a firm favourite on Brit dinner plates for decades.

Richmond sausages, costing £2, were the most expensive


Sunday Mirror)

Kent Live reporter Sam Honey decided to put some supermarket -own brand offerings up against the supreme banger to see if there were any on the market that could compete.

Supermarket own brands are often a great, and sometimes better, substitute to some of those weekly favourites, and are often cheaper.

Sam visited Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s to see which brand of pork sausage deserves a permanent spot in all future fry-ups.


All of the taste-test sausages (Richmond, pictured) were prepared in the same way


Kent Live)

To start the comparison, Sam went with the one that seemingly the most popular in order to get a basis to compare against.

He prepped all of the sausages in the exact same way with a quick blast in the oven for half an hour with a turn halfway through the cooking time.

He said he was not all too surprised when it came to taste, being a brand he’d eaten on countless occasions.

The distinct porky flavour with a texture that, while a little on the chewier side, is still very satisfying

When it came to price this was, unsurprisingly, the most expensive of these selection, costing £2.00 for the pack I bought.

Now time to see how the supermarket alternatives compare.


Aldi’s sausages cost just £1.35 – the cheapest of all tasted


Kent Live)

First out of the oven and onto my plate was Aldi, the place to shop when looking to grab those weekly necessities on a budget.

Costing just £1.35, this was the cheapest of the day but an initial taste test helped me to see why.

Immediately, the drop in quality was noticeable, the meat tasted much cheaper and the overall flavour was weaker and seemed to vanish in an instant.

The texture wasn’t horrific, but a little (for lack of a better term) spongy, perhaps this brand would work better fried but for now I was definitely disappointed.

So, in the interest of saving some cash this might be the best way to go, your taste buds just might not thank you for it.


Sam said Tesco’s sausages were “worst of the bunch”


Kent Live)

Tesco often delivers great value alongside equally great quality, sadly this wasn’t the case when it came to their sausages.

This was definitely the worst of the bunch when it came to both flavour and texture.

The flavour was bland and borderline non-existent, while the texture was incredibly rubbery and hard to bite into.

n terms of price, this packet cost £1.70, so almost smack bang in the middle between the other two choices so far, and either would definitely be preferably.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to Richmond, this isn’t it.


Sam said Sainsbury’s sausages delivered a fuller flavour


Kent Live)

The final competitor of the day, only one shot remains to over throw the leading name brand.

To my surprise, Sainsbury’s absolutely delivered and then some, providing a delicious, if not better alternative.

The texture was perfect, and the flavours much fuller and tastier, leaving a long lasting impression.

I would go so far as to say this was better than Richmond, and by a country mile, while also at a lower price.

This pack cost me £1.70 also, delivering better quality than not just Tesco, but in my opinion Richmond as well.


Of these choices there was an absolute clear winner, Sainsbury’s absolutely knocked it out of the park, beating not just their supermarket competitors, but the leading name brand also.

Aldi wasn’t the best when it came to quality, but the price does definitely add appeal.

Tesco unfortunately was rather disappointing and at the exact same price, Sainsbury’s is the clear winner.

So, when you’re putting together that morning fry up to get you right and ready for the day, consider a trip to the local Sainsbury’s for your sausage supply, I’m sure they’ll go great in a sandwich too.

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