Everything you need to know about the Health Optimisation Summit


or two days next month some of the most knowledgeable and experienced names in health will spend the weekend sharing their expertise and connecting with visitors at an event dedicated to wellbeing.

Held at the Business Design Centre in Islington (June 17-18 ), the Health Optimisation Summit boasts over 100 brands offering workshops, new gadgets and equipment, classes, food supplements and services to around 2,500 visitors.

Expect plenty of ‘what on earth is that?’ moments as brilliant new technology is tried out.

Visitors can expect to try a wealth of new experiences at the Health Optimisation Summit

/ Health Optimisation Summit

The ethos is one of curiosity and inclusion with an emphasis on visitors being around friendly, like-minded people as they explore ways to optimise mental health, hormones, fitness, libido and more. VIP guests will have access to an exclusive dinner with all of the guest speakers as well as a private VIP lounge.

Not only this but there are 35 world-leading speakers in fitness, biohacking, plus functional and preventative medicine.

While all of the speakers have been cherry-picked because of their expertise, we recommend keeping an eye out for:

Jim Kwik: Brain Biohacking & The Art Of Accelerated Learning

The aptly named Kwik is an expert in brain performance, mental fitness and memory improvement having suffered a childhood injury which left him with learning challenges. His experience paired with a lifetime of learning about brainpower has meant he is a global authority on optimizing cognition. He founded Kwik Learning an online academy with students in 195 countries while his Google, Virgin, Nike and Harvard. He has authored bestselling books on the brain and hosts the acclaimed Kwik Brain podcast.

His 40-minute session  starts at 11am on Sunday 18 June

Hormone specialist Dr Jolene Brightman is one of HOS’s guest speakers

/ Health Optimisation Summit

Dr. Jolene Brighten: Optimising your Hormones for Sexual Health and Happiness

For insight and expertise on hormones and women’s medicine look no further. Dr Jolene Brighten, who is also a certified sex counsellor, is primed to help educate people on how hormonal imbalances can affect everything from mood to sexual desire. She will speak in depth about topics covered in her book, Is This Normal with the main aim of helping listeners better understand female hormones and in turn harness them for a happier, healthier sex life.

Her 40-minute session starts at 1:30pm on Saturday 18 June

Jennifer Fugo: Get Healthy, Happy Skin – How Inflammation is to Blame

Clinical nutritionist Fugo is an expert in overcoming chronic skin conditions that conventional medicine cannot cure. She has successfully helped clients – many of which are high profile celebrities – overcome ailments including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Her talk will focus on the link between inflammation and skin health – something she discusses on her hugely popular Healthy Skin Show podcast.

Her 40-minute talk begins at 3:30pm on Saturday 17 June

Dr Olli Sovijärvi: Cold Exposure: From Ancient Healing Practice to Modern Biohacking Tool

A pioneer in preventative medicines in Finland, Dr Sovijärvi is co-founder of the Biohacker Center. Audiences can expect to hear how external temperature impacts the body – and how we can use cold for the benefit of our health and wellness.

His 40-minute session begins at 4:30pm on Saturday 17 June

Simon and Andrew Salter, founders of DIRTEA, the nutritional supplement brand. Simon is a guest speaker at HOS

/ Health Optimisation Summit

Simon Salter: Hidden Power of Mushrooms: Upgrading your Immunity, Sleep & Libido

The co-founder of DIRTEA, a brand which promises to enhance wellbeing thanks to its not-so-secret ingredient, the mushroom, Salter will explain the medicinal powers of fungi. And no, we’re not talking magic mushrooms, although Salter will surely argue that the benefits his products offer to many different aspects of health including immunity and sex drive are fairly astonishing.

His one-hour session begins at 10am on Sunday 18 June

Tickets for The Health Optimisation Summit start at £279 (concession price £149 for NHS staff, students, military personnel and retirees)

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