Unlock the Secrets of the Modeling Industry with Tiana Pongs – A career guide for models 

Are you dreaming of a career in the fast-paced and highly coveted world of modeling? As an internationally booked model and one of Germany’s leading advertising faces, Tiana shares her insider knowledge on how to start and establish a successful career in the fast-moving fashion industry through her book “Keep Smiling”. From finding and working with professional agencies to navigating photo shoots’ do’s and don’ts, Tiana provides practical tips and a current list of verified agencies worldwide.

Tiana shares her first-hand knowledge and expertise in her guide, “Keep Smiling”. She breaks down the process of finding and securing representation with professional agencies, connecting with photographers and clients, and navigating photo shoots.

Marjorie Sanmartin, Executive Creative Director at TBWA says, Full of insights and a great guide for those who not only are interested into follow this career but also for the parents, family, and friends that want to help and have a better view about it. In this world, there is not only black and white but many different shades in between. Tiana expresses that very well in this book, in a simple but not simpler way. A must-have!”  

Tiana also delves into the industry’s practices and provides essential information on fees, tax advisors, and practical beauty and nutrition tips. With Tiana’s guidance and insider knowledge, you’ll be on your way to a successful modeling career. Tiana doesn’t sugarcoat the industry, she also delves into the unsightly sides of model life, including dirty offers and homesickness, and provides advice on how to navigate these pitfalls.

Keep Smiling is a concise book that explains all the necessary details that any aspiring model should know, in order to increase their chances of making a successful career out of it. Tiana Pongs brought her 15 years of successful modeling career to bear; the challenges she faced, including an early pregnancy, and the experiences she garnered over the years that enabled her to achieve amazing results in the modeling world. 

Tiana Pongs, born in Mönchengladbach in 1979, started a successful international career as a model in 2001. After graduating from high school, she worked in Milan, Paris, Cape Town, and New York. With over 1,000 advertising productions, she was one of the leading faces in Germany. She graced various international covers, product packaging, TV, and advertising campaigns. Tiana Pongs lives in Los Angeles and works as an actress today. She is the official ambassador for the children’s aid organization World Vision Germany.

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