Grimes sparks elf ear implant rumours after posting surgery selfie

Electronic musician and Elon Musk baby mama Grimes, real name Claire Elise Boucher, has always been known for her other-wordly exploits and energy.

For instance: she wielded a full-sized sword at the Met Gala in 2021, named her son X Æ A-XII (which we still don’t know how to pronounce), and even legally put part of her soul up for sale – for the pretty price of £10 million. What a steal.

Grimes via Instagram

In the latest “that’s such a Grimes thing to do” move, the star has ignited rumours that she’s undergone surgery to get herself a pair of elf ears. Yes, you read that right, elf ears. The pointy kind.

The quest to discover whether Grimes has elf ears began this weekend after the Oblivion singer shared a picture of herself wrapped in head bandages with the caption: “Did smthn crazy”.

She appears to be wearing a medical gown and has slight bruising around her eyes — all signs indicative of cosmetic surgery.

The picture looks edited, but that doesn’t mean Grimes is lying — her pregnancy reveal was via an edited picture of her X-rayed baby bump, showing the foetus inside her.

Fans were quick to guess the cosmetic procedure wasn’t your standard facelift or injection of fillers — oh no, that’s just not Grimes enough.

Grimes’s pregnancy announcement, posted on her Instagram

/ Grimes via Instagram

The singer had given away her interest in acquiring a pair of elf ears months ago, tweeting: “Also, has anyone done elf ear mods with a good outcome? Im scared about ear cartilage having a hard time healing. Especially as a musician this surgery seems risky but I’ve wanted it my whole life. Curious about peoples experiences!”

Father of her son and Tesla founder Elon Musk seemed less keen on the idea, replying to the tweet: “The downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the upside.” Just a standard lover’s tiff, arguing about elf ears in front of your millions of followers.

Grimes and Elon Musk at the 2018 Met Gala

/ AFP via Getty Images

But following Grimes and Musk’s split in September 2021, and then again in March 2022, she doesn’t need to care as much about what her ex might think of her elf ears.

After all, she’s been wearing them in temporary form for years, and her 2021 Met Gala costume even featured jewellery that mimicked the shape of elf ears.

Grimes is no stranger to body modification, either. She’s expressed a love for it, and most recently got a tattoo of alien-style angel wings covering her entire back in white ink. A classic Grimes move.

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