eBay to remove wristbands from lying in state queue being sold online


uction site eBay has pledged to remove second-hand wristbands from the Queen’s laying in state queue which are being offered for sale for as much as four figures.

There are dozens of the wristbands available on the popular auction site with the top price at over £2,000 as of Saturday afternoon while the cheapest one was attracting bids of just under £50.

Wristbands for sale on eBay

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An eBay spokesperson said: “These items are against our policies and we are removing them from our site.”

The queue to see the monarch’s coffin in Westminster Hall has become a phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of people waiting patiently in line – some for as long as 24 hours.

Those waiting in the queue, which now has its own BBC weather forecast, faced temperatures of 7C just before 7am on Saturday, at which time the official tracker advised the public not to make the journey.

Despite regularly checking the tracker, mourners went against advice to travel to pay their respects to the late monarch.

Among those to pay their respects was David Beckham who said he “knew what it meant to represent the Queen” after queuing for 13 hours to see the late monarch lying in state.

David Beckham speaks to the media after leaving Westminster Palace where he paid respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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The former Manchester United and England captain revealed he joined the five-mile public line at 2.15am on Friday before paying his respects at Westminster Hall in London just after 3.15pm.

An emotional Beckham appeared to wipe away a tear before nodding his head towards the Queen’s coffin.

Figures from the London Ambulance Service (LAS) show that 435 members of the public were treated along the route of the queue to see the Queen lying in state and surrounding areas over the past two days.

The queue for the lying in state

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Some 291 people along the route of the queue and nearby in London were given medical assistance on Wednesday, with 17 needing hospital treatment, the LAS said.

A further 144 people were treated on Thursday, with 25 people being taken to hospital.

LAS said the majority of incidents attended were faints and collapses, resulting in head injuries.

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