Controversial Xbox 360 Exclusive Free for Limited-Time

A controversial Xbox 360 game is free for a limited time for anyone on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X, no Xbox Live Gold required. During the Xbox 360, Xbox made and released some great games. In fact, the Xbox 360 era may be Xbox’s best era to date, and this is represented by the fact that the Xbox 360 is Xbox’s best-selling console ever, and by a substantial margin. It’s possible the Xbox Series X will usurp this title, but for now, it’s too early to make any definitive claims one way or another. Not everything Xbox did during this era worked out though. For example, while during the Xbox 360 era it created the likes of Gears of War, it also released games like Too Human, a game with not only a middling reputation but a controversial one. As you could probably guess, this is the free game in question.

It’s unclear why the game is free as it’s not one of April’s free Games With Gold games. It’s also unclear how long it’s available for free, but at the moment of writing this, it’s 100 percent free to download, no strings attached. 

Developed by the now-defunct Silicon Knights and published by Xbox, the action RPG was released back in 2008 as an Xbox 360 exclusive, a platform it’s still exclusive to. Upon release, the game garnered a 65 on Metacritic. With that type of score, it should have been quickly forgotten, but a controversy ensured its legacy. 

Between 2007 to 2012, the game was at the center of a lawsuit between Epic Games and Silicon Knights. The lawsuit involved the latter using the former’s engine, Unreal Engine 3, and resulted in the former winning. For losing, Silicon Knights had to pay Epic Games $4.5 million and destroy the code of every game it made with the engine, including Too Human, which was set to be a trilogy. Ultimately, this led to the studio’s bankruptcy in 2014, 22 years after it was founded. Now, on what would have been the studio’s 30-year anniversary, the game that was more or less responsible for killing it, is free for all Xbox users, at least in the United States. 

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