How to be a CEO podcast: Zoopla’s Charlie Bryant on surviving stormy markets


harlie Bryant has been CEO at Zoopla, the property portal, since 2018.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why he thinks the UK’s housing market’s holding up in the cost of living crisis
  • His advice to new PM Liz Truss, and why keeping mortages affordable should be a priority
  • How Zoopla is more than a “find” portal (although he quite likes a rummage around himself)
  • The partnership with homeless charity Crisis that’s calling on the government to invest in housing benefit
  • Why hybrid working is here to stay, but in-person crowdsourcing ideas shouldn’t be lost
  • How to build traction on consumer traffic for a start-up
  • Why the process of buying a property needs to be modernised

Listen here or here:

You can also find us wherever you stream your podcasts.

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