Aldi is selling Apple AirPods and you might be surprised by the price

You might be surprised to learn that supermarket chain Aldi is selling Apple AirPods. The budget store sells the popular wireless earbuds – which connects to your device via Bluetooth and can automatically switch between iPhone, iPad and Mac as you move between gadgets – on its online store. And the good news is Aldi is selling the AirPods at a much cheaper price tag than buying them directly from the Apple Store.

Aldi is stocking the second-generation Apple AirPods with a wired charging case on its online store for just £109.99 – that’s £10 cheaper than in the Apple Store. That might sound like a very good deal, but before you rush to tap the “Buy” button it’s worth checking out what Amazon has to offer.

The online retailer is trumping Aldi with an even better discount. In fact, you can currently buy the AirPods for £99 – that’s a whopping £20 saving compared to the Apple Store, and an extra £10 discount compared to the budget supermarket chain.

To make things even more affordable, Amazon is also offering the option to pay for the AirPods via five monthly instalments of just £19.80. This offer is completely interest-free so you won’t be charged anything extra for spreading the cost.

As a quick reminder, the AirPods feature a fully wireless connection to your Apple devices and there’s fast switching between the iPhone, iPad and MacBook so you don’t have to dig into the settings each time you move to a different gadget.

Start the music and you’ll get around five hours of playback with the neat charging case offering a total of 24 hours before needing to find a plug. The only thing to note is that the case that comes with these earbuds can’t be refilled wireless – you have to pay more for that feature.

If you thought these deals were exciting then there’s more big news coming next week with Apple holding a major launch event on March 8.

It’s fully expected that the US technology firm will reveal a new budget iPhone which looks set to feature 5G data speeds.

Along with that iPhone, there are also rumours that a new iPad Air is coming soon which will almost certainly get a bump in performance and improvements to the screen, battery life and cameras. will bring you all the news live as it happens from the Apple keynote so watch this space.

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